Nick & Wes

With the entire San Diego skyline as a backdrop, Nick and Wes exchanged theirs vows on the rooftop of the Marriott Hotel.  Many of their guests worked as flight attendants, so one of the evening highlights was a full-on flight prep speech with inflatable life jackets.  The seating chart was an airline boarding screen.  The night was full of laughs with punctuated by quiet romantic moments.


Ben & Matt

I have never witnessed such sweet romance so steeped in the rich community and ceremony of a church.  This was the first gay wedding that I photographed with the ceremony taking place inside a church.  It was such a joy to see the tradition and orthodoxy that only a religious institution can provide, mix so purely and un-inhibiting with the love of these two men.  They had met in the pews of this very church, both singing in the choir.  The beginnings of their courtship so closely intertwined with their faith.  Like all weddings, their love was so unique, yet like all weddings, rich with special moments and exciting to capture.  We began at a private home in La Jolla for all the getting ready (I love it when couples get ready together), then we headed to Del Mar Presbyterian Church for the ceremony and family photos.  We made a pit-stop at the glider port in Torrey Pines for some wedding party photos before heading to the reception were we danced on the patios of the Great Hall UCSD.

Marcus & Jason

Marcus and Jason realized they didn't need a massive wedding and reception in order to celebrate their incredible love for each other.  Instead, they selected a handful of close friends and headed off to the desert.  After a relaxed morning by the pool and getting ready in a great AirBnB rental, we all jumped in the cars together and drove off to find a location in the always inspiring and vast Joshua Tree National Park.  We arrived as the sun was just creeping behind the boulder covered hills.  The air completely still and crisp.  They exchanged the vows written for each other and we ended the evening exploring the rocks and enjoying the sunset together.

Rachel & Davia

The love and connection shared between these two beautiful souls was palatable.  This wedding was more than the union of two people as often is the case when children are involved.  This added such a powerful element to their day and I could easily relate having two children myself that have gone through a divorce.  Capturing their day was truly and honor for me.

Milton & Daniel

Milton and Daniel are two courageous men.  Their ceremony was the first same sex wedding to take place at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in the middle of the historic Balboa Park, San Diego.  As they walked to the alter, they played "Same Love" by Macklemore, garnering the attention of dozens of tourists and folks who were lucky enough to be walking by.  There wasn't a dry eye in the park that afternoon and I was SO proud them for their bold declaration and the powerful public statement of their love.

Aislyn & Jeannie

Aislyn and Jeannie had a vision for their wedding:  simple, on the ocean, private and intimate.  They had a truck full of pews delivered to El Capitan State Beach in Santa Barbara which created a formality and structure to that private beach.  "The Love Boat has Docked" was the theme of their wedding.  The love they shared was felt by all those who shared that amazing afternoon with them.  Same sex weddings are, almost by definition, non-traditional.  But there is a theme across all of the weddings I photograph that seems to run deeper than any tradition.  A deep mutual love and respect between the couples.  I suppose that as traditional as it gets.