Teresa & Sam

"Since it's physically impossible for you to be the big spoon to my little spoon, you will always be my jetpack.  I know we are meant to be together, because for the first time in my life, I want to be a better man because of my partner, not just because of me.  You are constantly in my thoughts, what can I do today to help you catch your breath, or have it taken away.  What bad joke can I say to see your beautiful smile, or hear your contagious laugh.  Being with you, I have replaced my selfishness with selflessness for you..."    ~ Sam's vows for Teresa

"I have decided that you should keep me around on the off-chance that there is a zombie apocalypse.  I have many skill-sets and attributes, that will help keep both of us alive.... I'm in good shape, so I can outrun zombies, and almost keep up with you.  I'm small, so I don't eat much, and I can hide in small spaces.  I'm also hilarious... even if you are the last two humans on earth, we know there is a good chance the species will survive... and here we are, saying our vows before the zombies can make it to Tahoe.  ~Teresa's vows for Sam

These vows were punctuated by a mid-ceremony tattoo reveal!  Both Teresa and Sam selected temporary tattoos that the other HAD to wear.  Neither knew what tattoo the other had chosen for them.. until the ceremony for everyone to see.  Sam's groomsmen placed his, out of site, under his sleeve and Teresa's girls placed hers on the back of her leg, so she couldn't see...

These are only small examples of the fun and playful wedding that Sam and Teresa planned together.  It was an honor to capture it for them.



Celena & Logan

If you are going to get married in the a courthouse... Santa Barbara should be your first pick.  Celena and Logan had a very small group of close friends and family, yet, it couldn't have been more gorgeous.  I have known Celena since third grade, so this wedding was a total dream.  My goal is to really get to know my clients before the wedding day;  learn who they are as a couple, what makes their love unique, how they share space together.  I believe this truly paves they way to great wedding photography.

Rachel & Davia

The love and connection shared between these two beautiful souls was palatable.  This wedding was more than the union of two people as often is the case when children are involved.  This added such a powerful element to their day and I could easily relate having two children myself that have gone through a divorce.  Capturing their day was truly and honor for me.

Lucy & Cameron

Weddings aren't just a union between two people.  They are the union of two incredibly long lineages.  Each with their own histories that trace back hundreds, even thousands of years.  Lucy brought along her Filipino heritage and Cameron embodied his Scottish heritage;  each with their own family trees, history, food, traditions, music, family and customs.  I truly felt like I was capturing an historic event.  

Amber & Justin

This wedding was a turning point for me and my photography.  I began to see a pattern in my coverage that I hadn't seen before.  I noticed these quiet moments coming through that were happening without any of my guidance, without any prompting or direction from me.  They are powerful and truly documentary.  I love to include these in every gallery as they illustrate how important it is to capture these types of moments.  I believe they truly bring the viewer into that moment and hopefully will bring allow my clients to feel those feelings and remember the love they felt on their wedding day.

Sarah & Eric

Sarah and Eric had a very specific vision for their wedding.  Every detail was carefully considered.  What stood out to me, was their trust.  They choose their chef and trusted him to create the most amazing meal... and he did.  They chose me to capture their day as it unfolded, and never questioned or looked back.  That confidence is a gift to any photographer.  This trust provides the space to work magic with that camera unhindered and is integral to the creative process.