Common Questions

Q:  Why should we hire you?

  • You want a photographer who believes that your wedding should be photographed with great care and technical mastery.

  • You want to hire a photographer who infuses his passion into his recording your love story and focuses on capturing the essence of you as a couple.

Q:  Describe your style of photography:

A:  Non-traditional, genuine and creative imagery captured with a gentle spirit.

Q:  What's your approach?

A:  It really begins with getting to know you and the love you share.  Every couple creates a unique magic.  Your wedding is an expression of that love and my job is to capture it in every essence.

Q:  Is there anything you don't do?

A:  Yes.  You probably won't ever hear me tell you to kiss or even look at the camera.  If you aren't madly in love, I'm not your photographer.  I rarely take photos of guests eating dinner and I just can't seem to learn that Electric Slide.

Q:  I love your work and your philosophy, how do I book you?

A:  Give me a ring on my cell at (206) 850-3033 or shoot me an email to find out if I have your date available and to request a quote for coverage.  Once I receive the retainer, typically $500, your wedding date will be booked.

Q:  How long have you been doing this?

A:  I've been blending my natural talent with photography for over 20 years.  My love affair began with a Nikon FE film camera in high school.  By my senior year, I was skipping all my classes and spending all day in the dark room.  I started photographing weddings professionally in 2002.  I do this full time.

Q:  Have you been published or won any awards?

A:  My photography has been published in numerous blogs and magazines.  It has also been featured in the following international organizations:

Q:  Do you need to walk through the ceremony/reception space with us?

A:  Nope.  On your wedding day, all our location decisions will be based on how the light of the sun is working in our space.  It's continually changing. 

Q:  Should I hire a photographer who has already photographed weddings at my venue?

A:  Only if you are looking for photos that look exactly like the other weddings you have seen at that venue.  If you are looking for a photographer who is skilled in working with any light, in any situation, it shouldn't matter.  Many photographers are on the "preferred vendor" lists of venues.  Be aware:  it's easy for photographers to find themselves in a creative rut when photographing the same venues week after week.  You'll want a photographer who sees you and your venue with fresh eyes.  This will provide a clear path for creativity and authentic wedding photos.

Q:  I saw a Love Slide-Show with audio captures from the wedding, what is that?

A:  I've always been deeply moved by vows and toasts at weddings.  I like to record audio from a wedding and pair it with my powerful imagery.  They are one of the things I’m known for.  I can make one for you at your wedding.  There is no additional charge for these.  Here are some examples.

Q:  Do you work alone?

A:  Depends.  I'm pretty darn good at capturing your entire story with my two cameras.  I have a great resource of associate photographers in case we decide that is the best way to go for your wedding.  Be sure to bring this up when we chat and I can go over the pros and cons of hiring a 2nd camera.

Q:  What input can we have on the photos you capture?

A:  I love to collaborate on portraits and always enjoy talking about your coverage priorities.  That being said, I won’t be recreating another photographer’s work.  The brand of imagery shown on this site is all I’m offering.  My goal is to provide you with authentic imagery that reflects your unique love.  If we are present in the moment, the amazing images will flow.  I'm truly excited about exploring what makes you unique as a couple.  And yes, trust me, it will be truly incredible every time.  This is the magic of my coverage and you’ll get the best results expecting just that.  Take the leap with me and we will make images that go beyond our imaginations.

Q:  What kind of equipment will you bring with you?

A:  I bring two DSLR cameras pimped out with Riley G camera straps along with a variety of lenses and flashes to handle any lighting situation.

Q:  Who will actually take our pictures?

A:  Me.  Aaron Willcox.  Only in the case of death or major emergency would there be a substitution.

Q:  Do you take family portraits, group formal photos and detail photos at the wedding?

A:  Yes!  My website features the kind of photos that makes my coverage unique.  Group photos and details are a very important part of the documenting the union of two families.

Q:  What if you have never photographed at this location?

A:  Even better for you!  My creative juices will be overflowing and your images will be a better reflection of you and your wedding instead of being influenced by a past wedding.

Q:  How many pictures do you take at a wedding?

A:  On average, I capture about 300 images per hour of coverage.  I then create a collection of images that are developed and processed.  I deliver about ~60 images/hour in the final set.

Q:  What about the images you don’t select?  Can we have those too?

A:  Sorry.  As the woodcarver discards the wood from his sculpture, these images are only part of the process.  I do keep them on hand in case you want a variation of shot that was provided.

Q:  How do you process your photos?  Do you shoot in color or black/white?

A:  I spend hours developing each and every image you see, however, my processing is very natural and non-photoshopped. The imagery I capture is moving and meaningful without any trendy filters or textures.  The black and whites are pure and truly timeless to match the imagery.

Q:  Can our guests and family members take their own photographs?

A:  Unlike most things in life, put all your eggs in one photographer basket.  Less is more.  I do ask that I am the only professional photographer retained by you for your wedding coverage.  I'm a polite guy and will only get distracted by your budding-photographer friend trying to develop her portfolio.  That being said, there are always lots of cameras at weddings and that has never bothered me.  If you want to see the faces of your guests during the ceremony instead of a sea of cell phones and iPads, I recommend having an Unplugged Wedding.

Q:  What’s an "Unplugged" Wedding?

A:  Ask all your guests to leave their phones in their pockets and their cameras and iPads at home. You want your guests mentally present, enjoying the ceremony and party.  Let them know that you would rather have images of their smiling faces instead of camera-blocked-faces in all your wedding photos.

Q:  What about videographers?

A:  I have a few recommendations for videographers who are sensitive to “vibe” and pace.  Many videographers take over with a huge crew. This can really affect the pace and feel of your day.  I'm happy to work with anyone you hire for your wedding, as long as they have the understanding that still photography has priority along with the agreement that they are there to record the event, not be a part of it.  You have carefully crafted the lighting and feel of your reception.  Be sure to ask your videographers about the lights they plan to use and consider how that will change your event and affect your photography.

Q:  Can we break up the time included in our package or pause it for dinner, drive time, etc?

A:  Nope.  All packages include a consecutive length of photographic coverage.

Q:  The wedding is over, now what?

A:  A collection of images is developed by me, and delivered online within three weeks of your wedding.  This gallery can be shared with friends and family who can download high resolution files and print their favorite photos.

Q:  We love your album designs, how do we get one like that?

A:  I’ve discovered the best service I can provide my clients is to simply design your album for you.  I pick all the great images, lay them all out on each spread, then send the design over for your review.  You will have a couple weeks to submit any changes and that's it.  Super simple.

Q:  Do you photograph gay, lesbian and same sex weddings?

A:  Yes.  I love shooting LGBT weddings.  You can view lots of examples under the "Weddings" tab, several blog posts as well as the Same Sex Weddings highlighted here.

Q:  Can we hear from some of your previous clients?

A:  I'm happy to offer referrals from past clients, just ask.  Meanwhile, be sure to check out the reviews from many happy clients on Yelp.

Q:  Do you “image retouch” or “Photoshop” images?  How is that different from the processing you include?

A: The processing included with every image set are changes that effect the entire image:  contrast, crop, color temperature black/white conversion etc.  Requests that require Photoshop skills for tasks such as removal of skin blemishes, wrinkles, object removal etc. are not included.  These special requests will be priced out with a Photoshop expert and start at $100/hour.

Q:  I read I need to know about the Copyright of these photos, what's the dealio?

A:  "The Photographer shall own the copyright in all images created and all photographic materials".  Bottom line:  I can use the photos for my business.  The are also yours to print and share, but you can't sell them.

Q:  But what if I don’t want you to use my photos?

A:  Then let's chat.  I'm happy to work with you.  Keep in mind, I get super motivated by winning contests and getting my work published and this gets you more incredible images.  Promotional use of the images is how I promote my business.  If you like to keep private, no problem, I'm happy to accommodate.

Q:  What can I do with the photos?

A:  An exclusive personal use license is granted to the Client to reproduce, print, modify and/or display the images provided by the Photographer to the Client for non-commercial purposes. You will receive high resolution .jpeg files.  I do ask that if you share your images publicly, that you include “Photo by Aaron Willcox Photography”.  It helps people find me and makes me super proud that you want to credit my work.

Q:  Can we have the RAW images?

A:  Sure.  But keep in mind, a “RAW” image is the file right out of the camera. These RAW files don’t look anything like the finished product.  Trust me, you don't want those. And nope, it doesn't save you any cashola if you process the photos for me.

Q:  Can we hire you?

A:  Yes! (Phew, I thought you would never ask).  Contact me with your wedding date and I will get right back to you on availability.

Q:  Great!  How do I book my wedding date?

A:  Booking a date does require sending me a $500 retainer (yes I accept credit cards here).  Sorry, I can't hold your date open until I have that retainer.  You only lose that retainer if you cancel or change your wedding date AND I don't book another wedding in it's place.

Q:  What types of payments do you accept?

A:  I accept cash, personal checks and credit card payments online here.

Q:  How soon should we reserve our date?

A:  As soon as you are ready.  But keep in mind, my calendar books easily a year in advance.  If I have your date available, it might not be tomorrow.  No date is held for anyone, for any length of time, without a signed contract and payment.

Q:  What if I have more questions?

A:  I would love love love to chat.  Feel free to give me a ring anytime: (206) 850-3033.