Lauren & Elias

I have always loved latin weddings.  The culture of the Dominican Republic is rich with incredible foods, smooth Bachata dancers and above all, passionate and loving people with huge hearts and even bigger families.  When Lauren and Elias invited me to the beaches of Puerto Plata to capture their wedding for them, I couldn't refuse.  We had the beach to ourselves and we danced late into the night.  

Aislyn & Jeannie

Aislyn and Jeannie had a vision for their wedding:  simple, on the ocean, private and intimate.  They had a truck full of pews delivered to El Capitan State Beach in Santa Barbara which created a formality and structure to that private beach.  "The Love Boat has Docked" was the theme of their wedding.  The love they shared was felt by all those who shared that amazing afternoon with them.  Same sex weddings are, almost by definition, non-traditional.  But there is a theme across all of the weddings I photograph that seems to run deeper than any tradition.  A deep mutual love and respect between the couples.  I suppose that as traditional as it gets.