Luck is 90% picking the right lens.

I am often asked how I get so lucky with some of my images.  As with anything dynamic like sports, there is a 6th sense of what is about to happen.  This skill is critical with wedding photography and only built with lots of experience.  The most powerful images are fleeting, only presenting themselves for a few seconds, then gone forever.  The flow of movement, lighting, angles, lens choice all swirl together and culminate in a quiet voice that guides me in where to stand and what lens to grab.  Believe me, I've seen my share of moments drift by without capture with my camera at my waist.  When it all works, it feels like magic.  I was doing summersaults and cartwheels at seeing the shot of Angela and Matt in the mirror, just moments before their wedding ceremony.  Matt checks his tie, Angela checks her hair.  It all came together; the stillness of the room, the truth, the weight of what they were about to do ... looks to me like the beginning of a marriage... wow, such a rush.  This is why I shoot weddings!