It's all just love: Gay weddings

With the legality of gay marriage finally sweeping across America, the imagery we associate with "love" is playing catch-up.  Having captured dozens of same sex weddings, I'm proud to be a part of this movement.  I photographed my first (long before it was cool) back in 2007.  I believe in challenging the popular notion of romance.  The iconic "romantic" imagery flooding our visual world is usually between a man and a woman which, I feel, is a narrow and misleading benchmark.  With every intimate moment between two women in love, with every quiet look shared between two men, I feel I am slowly dislodging the narrow public narrative of what the public accepts as romance.  These weddings are as varied and distinctive as any, from traditional church weddings to simple civil ceremonies to even a private elopement in a vacant stadium.  No matter how my couples choose to celebrate their love, I am always honored to be chosen to capture it for them:  helping to illustrate the equality of love that we all know to be so true.