Is true love perfect?

When I woke up on April 9th, I couldn't wait to get my eye behind the lens.  I had the opportunity to get to know Canh and Carolyn and the elemental truths that had carried them to this commitment;  the love, the chemistry, everything that brings two people together in such a powerful way.  The strength of this connection overwhelms any challenges, no matter how difficult... almost with ease ... certainly beyond reason.  For those of us lucky enough to capture weddings, we are exposed to this miracle on a regular basis; we can't help but be affected in a profound way.  It can be easy to be jaded by the traditions that pattern a typical wedding, however once this has been pushed aside, you can view the event as it truly is;  the unique and perfect union of two worlds.  Perfect, as love makes it.  This is what I look for in that lens.  This is what I strive to capture.  My hope is to convey that immense connection.   Just maybe, when times get tough, they can look back on these images and draw from that strength they felt...maybe this can inspire us all in our own lives, to believe that strength can come from love that has no reason, surmounts all barriers.