Motion-Capture Weddings


Still photography stops life;  captures a fleeting instant, rain stopped in mid-air, a laugh frozen in time.  There is an immense weight to this singular moment that is the power of still photography.   Video shows us the beauty and elegance of movement, with the immersive audio experience.  Motion and sound:  the power of video.  What you may not have yet experienced, is something in-between.  There is a visual world that lingers between still photography and video.  When a series of still images are stitched together, along with the audio experience of a movie, something unique happens that capitalizes on the best parts of these two worlds. 

Turn your volume up and come along with me as I explore the space between video and still photography.


Kathryn and Helen

Venue: The Unique Space

Ashley and Max

Suzanne and Leslie

Venue: Pacifica Del Mar