About Aaron

As Southern California’s top LGBT wedding photographer, Aaron takes pride in his contributions to supporting gay rights and participates in his local gay community. His non-traditional approach opens doors to new types of imagery that illustrate the love and connection that same-sex couples are looking for.

I believe in the power of true love.  I believe in the power of imagery and how it can communicate a story;  a visual history.  I believe it should be captured with heart, understanding and above all, passion.  I believe in love stories and how they transcend all other powers.  It should be showcased and exposed for what it truly is:  magic.  This magic is unique between all lovers and I believe in illustrating this unique connection with timeless and powerful imagery.

How do I do this?  By studying how two people celebrate their love, then by translating these nuances into imagery.  By rejecting the daily trends of wedding photography.  By embracing risk and leaping into true creativity

The result?  Your future self will look back through time with these photos.  You will see the love in the eyes of your partner and realize what is really important in life and why you fell in love in the first place.  This is what your wedding photography should do for you.  This is why I'm a wedding photographer.

Beyond photography, my priorities revolve around the people in my life.  At the top of this list are my two amazing boys Riley and Bentley who keep me full of wonder and stretch the limits of my patience daily.  Of course, a group of friends who challenge me, support all my crazy ideas and are always there to put out the flames when I'm coming in for a crash-landing.  At the foundation of it all is my partner in crime Kristin, my lover, all-in-to-the-end-Bandita who can tear up the dance floor even better than me.

San Diego Pride parade and festival:  Supporting my local LGBT community with out honey bee float.